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Internet Institute Infinity is a fast growing software development company providing our clients with the total range of services in software systems development. Our solid team of specialists, which has experience in different fields, is ready to offer high-quality service to every customer at reasonable cost.

We provide our clients with comprehensive IT solutions - from initial strategic planning and marketing decisions to the actual design, development and implementation of the project, as well as ongoing maintenance and upgrade enhancements every step of the way.

We are ready and able to realize Outsourcing - projects of any complexity and range at very high level. We have all the necessary resources, ready systems of project management, interesting ideas and proposals, and creative method of attack.

The whole technological cycle of our software development is adapted for international standards and procedures. During working process we use the newest instruments of development. Also we are constantly improving the methodology in order to guarantee our clients the perfect result as well as offering follow-up project support and maintenance.

Our company Internet Institute Infinity, established over 24 years ago, consists of three interconnected sub-units: Scientific, Educational and Productive. It allows efficiently solving the problem with a high level of quality and educating all necessary specialists independently. A high emphasis is places on personnel education. Specialists constantly attend educational classes and training intended for raising the level of their skills.

Each task is considered as an occasion for development of programming technologies. Great attention is paid to understanding the reason for the software development, and ensuring that the project meets these needs. Also, we consult the customer in the field of this software implementation, and analyse the highest possible development of software into which the system can turn into during its permanent development in five, ten, or twenty years.