Infinity Business-plan
The "Infinity Business-plan" system carries out business-plans formation on the world standards (EBPD, KPMG, TACIS, UNIDO), and also develops the financial model integrated to business-plan. By means of "Infinity Business-plan" it is possible to create an action-plan for any kind of the project with a concrete definition of kinds of works and terms of their performance. One of modules of the program is the integrated knowledge base containing thematic text and graphic materials, such as analytical clauses, tables, diagrams. The base allows in convenient form to store and edit documents, to carry out their search and sorting. The "Infinity Business-plan" application is the software product providing the decision of all basic problems, arising at creation business-plan, such as search of the actual information, the analysis of similar projects, formation of structure of the document according to the end-user requirements.

Infinity Recruiter
The "Infinity Recruiter" application allows user to highly automate process of selection of the personnel. So the personnel manager will need to lead only final interview with the applicant at employment. This product is intended, first of all, for owners and managers of the companies, employees of personnel agencies, personnel managers. The system "Infinity Recruiter", using a web-resources (employment sites, electronic newspapers, bulletin boards, etc.), searches, groups and traces updating the information on a labour market, independently spends questioning, forms the file of applicants on vacant posts, prepares for corresponding analytical reports. Use of the given system allows to automate up to 80 % of work of the expert on recruiting.

Infinity CRM
"Infinity CRM" - multipurpose system of display, analysis and management of processes which regulate relations with clients of the enterprise. The system allows searching, group and updating the information about clients, competitors; prepares for analytical reports; independently carries out all kinds of marketing communications with counterparts. "Infinity CRM" represents three-level structure. Each of levels of structure realizes separate problems. The operational module evidently displays activity of the enterprise (for example, contacts and the sales given about a condition of various productions). The module of control and analytics allows forming every possible report, to operate processes of planning and budgeting, to carry out the control, monitoring and coordination business-processes. The module of the centralized storage provides convenient and fast access to the structured information.

Infinity Marketing
"Infinity Marketing" is intended for heads of firms, experts in marketing and advertisement makers, the marketing companies and advertising agencies of a full cycle, consulting and investment groups. The system "Infinity Marketing" in an automatic mode searches and structures the information on the markets, prepares special reports. The powerful block of modeling allows to spend the applied analysis of data according to the techniques accepted in a world practice and approaches (models ADL, Shell/DPM, Hoffer/Schendel, etc.), that enables to make the duly and proved decisions.

Infinity Personal
The product "Infinity Personal" is the complex universal system, designed to solve a problem of search and selection of the staff, strategic and operative management of the personnel. High automation of processing of the information which provides "Infinity Personal", enables to save up to 90 % of working hours spent for current work of a staff department. "Infinity Personal" independently spends questioning and testing of workers by special techniques, carries out the most part of the routine work connected with processes of adaptation, the account, estimation, a payment of employees.

Infinity Infomanager
The application "Infinity Infomanager" " in an automatic mode searches, filters, analyzes, transforms, orders the information received from the Internet. The program complex includes network office system of data storage with difference of access grants and reliable enciphering on the basis of technology PGP. The intellectual hierarchical system of search "Infinity Infomanager" will involve opportunities more than 2000 search systems and specialized information resources and allows the user to find the information, being guided by the wide list of search criteria. The user has an opportunity of thin adjustment of software product in conformity with the requirements. Specialized monitoring module allows to create the flexible information panel on which it is possible to deduce the necessary operative information from a Global Network (for example, exchange rates, weather forecasts, news), and to trace change of this information in a mode of real time. Users of "Infinity Infomanager" always in real-time mode receive actual personified information in precisely structured kind.

Infinity Call-center
The software product "Infinity Call-center" realizes all the most important kinds of communications with counterparts of the enterprise, both in manual, and in an automatic mode. Owing to the built-in search module the problem of search and the information processing which is in a Global Network is solved. "Infinity Call-center" uses six most often used communicative channels: a teleconference, mail, a fax, e-mail, SMS, ICQ. Carrying out of mass dispatches on all listed channels (except for mail) in an automatic mode under the adjusted script is possible.

Infinity Printinghouse
The decision "Infinity Printing house" is created by company "Infinity" with the purpose of automation of work of printing houses and publishing houses. The given software product will help to reach process unification of reception and processing of orders, considerably will facilitate the performance control of tasks in view and currents of technological processes. Opportunities of own formulas creation for calculation of a total cost of the order, and also calculation by means of the module of an artificial intellect of the cost price of a polygraphic product by the analysis of color loading the original-breadboard model are very convenient. Once having adjusted the given appendix in view of individual conditions, it is possible to achieve substantial increase of production efficiency.