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Target of project Instruments
The program, by inquiry of the user (filling of the form), opening the information from a German automobile portal. Machine translation of the information on Russian. Original design of the program. The complex structure of navigation is kept. The address of the real seller in Germany is not shown the end user, and comes together with the order of the automobile to the Russian seller. Automatic change of the price on automobiles under the set formula, depending on cost. 100 % safety (any reference to a real German portal). Photos are loaded from a portal on a server of the client, and therefrom to the end user. Php
The catalogue of automobiles. An opportunity of the order. Up to 6 photos of one automobile. Without application MySql. Php
The program of search E-mails on sites. Addition of URL’s base. Search in base. Php
The multilevel catalogue with an opportunity of addition, editing and removal of sections and the goods in these sections. An opportunity of carry of subitems and the goods in other sections. The order of the goods by E-mail. A text DB. Php
The program of addition, removal and editing of news and clauses. An opportunity of accommodation of photos. Php
Local banner network. Php
The program of mass dispatch of letters with an opportunity attache several files. Modes: text and html. An opportunity of addition of base of addresses. Php
Site’s searcher. The program of information search on a site in On-line a mode. Does not demand updating. The enclosed search. Search by words and offers. An estimation of the importance of the word found in the text. Search of similar words. A priority conclusion of the information. Does not demand a DB. Php
Best-PRO– system for exchange information. PHP/Smarty/MySQL
PPB- php portal builder. System of the automated Web-portal. The program allows to create system of news, the multilevel catalogue, registration of users, change by users of design and full admin interface with preservation of a database, and also the manager of dispatches. PHP/Smarty/MySQL
Helpdesk – ticket system System of processing of internal and external inquiries. FAQ. Administrator’s interface include:
  • Adjustment of system,
  • A choice of language,
  • Change of design,
  • Management of users,
  • Management of all inquiries,
  • Adjustment of the manager of dispatch,
  • Formation of reports,
  • An opportunity of carry of inquiries in section FAQ.
  • PHP/ Postgrees