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Target of project Instruments
The "Infinity Business-plan" system carries out business-plans formation on the world standards (EBPD, KPMG, TACIS, UNIDO) MS Visual Studio 2003, .Net remoting, MS Access, MS SQL Server, Selfmade framework, C++, C#, PHP, Smarty, MySQL
CB Privatbank operating day system Borland C++ 3.1, Btrieve, customized Turbo Vision, PGP
The program of training of students of medical institute to performance of operations. Emulation a course of real operation with putting down of estimations. Tools were the sizes about the screen, moved and rotated instantly. C++, Asm, DOS, XT286
Operations with the international payment cards. ASP .NET, C#.NET, MS SQL Server 2000
The annual accounting report. ASP .NET, C#.NET, MS SQL Server 2000
Audit of activity of establishments of bank. ASP .NET, C#.NET, MS SQL Server 2000
Digital signature of bank documents for payment. ASP .NET, C#.NET
The program of monitoring of fuel tanks on a filling station (a level in the tank, temperature). The data collect and systematized in base. Borland Delphi 3.0, WinNT 4.0, LPT
Work with fiscal registrar FP3530T. It is necessary from 1 to communicate with the registrar. Borland Delphi 5.0, COM-port, Win2000
The program on conducting dens of telephone exchange Panasonic. During work the station on a serial port transfers a broad gully of work for the printer. All acting information parsing into a dbf-file. Turbo C, COM-port, AT/XT 286, DOS
Network interaction. Brokers - the server of the tenders - the operator. MS VC++ 6.0, MSSQL SERVER 2000
The server of the exchange tenders. Provides network interaction of trading platforms and the operator of the tenders. MS VC++ 6.0, MSSQL SERVER 2000
The operator of the exchange tenders. Supervision and conducting the exchange tenders. MS VC++ 6.0, MSSQL SERVER 2000
The manager of contracts. At the termination of the tenders are automatically created documents Word, with the made contracts for the buyer and the seller. MS VC++ 6.0, MSSQL SERVER 2000
Legal management. The information retrieval system intended for conducting of claim work, for the control over conducting judicial and another matters, formation of reports for management and for bodies of the government about a condition of claim works. Reports Word. MS VC++ 6.0, MSSQL SERVER 2000
Script generator. The utility intended for generating of scripts. The user makes actions with base, in parallel with it the script of all actions is generated. Further this script was dispatched users of similar system and carried out with the help "Scripter". MS VC++ 6.0, MS SQL SERVER 2000
Scripter - the utility intended for performance of scripts on a server. The broad gully-magazine refreshes is conducted, number of the version of updating is supervised. MS VC++ 6.0, C#, .NET, MS SQL SERVER 2000
The program of the analysis of quality of diesel fuel by comparison with the standard of dispersive attitudes and factors of the correlations received at consecutive shift of the correlation table. Builder C++ 5.0, Interbase
The program of protection of the text information a method gommirovan. VC++ 6.0
The program a converting DB of 1С in a DB (InterBase) and making automatic listing of addresses on envelopes. Builder C++ 5.0, InterBase, Delphi 5, Ole2