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Target of project Instruments
The digital tape recorder. Atmega 128, Parallel record on HDD and CDRW, 6 channels of the analog information, an opportunity of rewriting HDD->CDRW и CDRW->HDD
SPI-programmer. LPT, Win2000, C
The machine of offset printing the machine on winding wall-paper the packing machine. Installation for dosed out ampoules for station of blood transfusion the speech informant. Atmega 8-128 (Atmel), RS485, real-time clock, 8 Analog inputs, AVR-Studio, Accel eda, P-cad
Slot machines: Poker, Black Jack, the Roulette, the One-armed gangster. Development and production Slot machines (hard), ZX-Spectrum
Microcontroller Intel 8051.
Management of a radio receiver with digital synthesis of frequency the program of management of radioreception device (RPU) with digital synthesis of frequency. The standard set of the user convenience, such as some tens cells of memory, autosearch on stations, automatic search of frequencies with the set step, volume control and automatic muffling by autosearch… All management RPU is made from the keyboard, frequency of adjustment is displayed on the light-emitting diode seven-segment indicator on 8 categories. With own hand developed assembler for I8048 (see above). The programming language : Assembler 8048
The disassembler for microcontrollers Intel 8048. Borland Pascal 7.0. The programming language : Pascal
The assembler for microcontrollers Intel 8048, simple cross-country-assembler for generation of an objective code of microcontroller Intel 8048. Borland Pascal 7.0. The programming language : Pascal